How Invested are YOU in Selling Your Home?

When it comes to putting your house on the market, signing the listing agreement and planting a sign on the front lawn can often seem like the easier part of the equation. Selling your home could feel like a walk in the park at times.

Why, because now after a visit from a Home Stager, your attention is  drawn to the stack of clothes in the basement that were designated for Goodwill 3 years ago or  to the guest room that has now become the catch all for the trinkets you bought while on every family vacation.  The notion of sorting through everything brings up a variety of emotions… the overwhelming one being… “Why can’t I just leave stuff where it is and pack it up once the house has sold!”  Why? Well that question ultimately leads to another one… How invested are YOU in selling your home?

un- staged KitchenIf your home looks jumbled, disorganized, messy, unruly, or untidy, buyers won’t be able to separate the house from the clutter and disarray.  All they see is chaos!   In a market where there are more homes than buyers, you need every advantage you can get.  Refusal to get your home in tip top shape will mean that your house stays on the market longer and often winds up stigmatizing your home which can result in it selling for less than it should.   No seller wants to hear “we have to lower the price”. 

Why gamble with what is most likely your largest investment!  If you don’t get a handle on opening up some of the space in your home or tackling that to –do list that has been hanging around for years, it’s gonna hit you where it hurts the most, your wallet!


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