The dining room is the area where you entertain friends and have family over for special occasions. It is the space where a home buyer needs to fill with personal connection. It should evoke feelings of happy festivity, effortless entertaining, and gourmet gathering.

In this post, we share tips on staging your dining space that goes beyond the usual cleaning, painting, and decluttering. Below are a few ways to give your dining room a touch of class and elegance.

Tip #1 Show function

Make sure that you have enough seating for the maximum number that the room will hold comfortably. But you must also take into consideration the space available. Do not overcrowd the room with too many chairs. Adding a china cabinet or a buffet for storage will help the room look more functional.

Tip #2  Show space

Make sure that the room feels spacious. You should be able to comfortably walk all around the table. To create an illusion of space, paint your walls white or hang mirrors to make the room look larger. Dining rooms are great places to hang a mirror that will reflect the light of the chandelier and this will help expand the perception of space.

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Tip # 3 Upgrade your light fixture

how to stage a kitchen with lighting

For a relatively inexpensive way to instantly update a dining room, add a new attractive chandelier or place a floor lamp in one corner of the room. Sufficient helps make the dining area look brighter and more welcoming.

Tip #4 Set the table

To set or not to set the table? When you are staging a home that is vacant, just like a model home, it is expected to be appropriate for the table to set. If the home is owner occupied, it can appear contrived and it’s difficult to live with.

We usually advise candles, a centerpiece and perhaps a table runner for a touch of color and softness, and would forgo setting the table with china and glassware altogether.

To give you a quick start, think of a theme and start building it from there. Choose accents and fixtures that goes along with the theme well.

Tip #5 Add a layer of interest

When you’re staging, it’s not only about stripping everything away and decluttering and cleaning. It’s also about adding layers of interests. Think of things that add interest. These could be soft pillows, a nice rug or candles.

home staging tips

There’s a fine line between decluttering and making a space welcoming. You want to add a few things that add warmth to the room. Never, ever leave your space feeling and looking cold.


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