Kid Friendly Home Decor

prep5Many homeowners with younger children are often forced to go with home decor, designs, or fixtures that may not necessarily be their first choice, but are more kid-friendly or childproof. Parents are naturally concerned about many accidents, spills, falls, and other incidents that usually happen when you have little kids running around the home, so they may be hesitant to invest in furniture or home decor that might not survive the toddler years anyway.

A kid-friendly house does not have to look like a playroom or preschool classroom. With some planning and creativity, you can come up with a home interior that looks sophisticated, stylish, and elegant, but also isn’t a hazard to young children or a risk for accidents. Of course, the right training and discipline are also important so kids know what they can play with and which items or areas are not appropriate for them.

Use carpets and area rugs for play areas

Area rugs and carpeting are nice to look at, and also add warmth and a cozy ambiance to the space. In addition, they also help prevent injuries from slips or falls, and also insulate sound (great for loud youngsters). If you are going to use carpets and area rugs, look for outdoor fabrics that are sturdier and easier to clean. Keep carpet cleaning solutions handy at all times.

Leather upholstered couches and furniture

Leather upholstery withstands spills and stains very well. The right ones also look very contemporary and blend well with many different home design efforts. If leather isn’t your thing, slip covers for couches make it easier to manage stains and spills; all you have to do is remove them, wash them, and replace.

Tables and desks with rounded corners

Children who are very active and like to play around the house are prone to slips and falls. You can minimize the hazards of injuries by using desks and coffee tables with rounded corners. Many coffee tables also come with cushioned tops, so they look great and less risky.

Non-skid bathmats for the bathroomprep6

As kids are growing up, they also learn to be independent and do many things on their own, such as going to the bathroom. You would want to make it safer for them by using bathmats that have non-skid backing. Also, to minimize bathroom accidents, make sure their stuff are already within reach at their level, such as a smaller tower rack or toiletry basket, so they don’t have to climb up or reach up in order to get what they need.

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