Lighting.. Can it Make A Difference?

Lighting is one of the most important elements to home staging.  Lighting has the magic to transform the mood, appearance and feel of any room. There are several ways lighting can change a room;  it can make it appear larger, give the illusion of higher ceilings, or add a bit of ambiance to an otherwise plain Jane room.The type of lighting used is especially important when staging your home. Whether it’s modern and classy or country chic, lighting will most definitely help you achieve your staging goals.

The question of which lighting option to use can be confusing if you are unaware of what the different types of bulbs do. It is always advisable to get the highest wattage of light bulb that is permissible with your fixture or light source. To control the amount of light that is emitted a dimmer is a fantastic addition to any light source. You can alter the brightness based on the time of day, the mood, or the overall decorative theme of any room.

Halogen light bulbs are an energy efficient option that cast a very white light. The light is bright and is fantastic for up lighting and any areas in the home where bright clear lighting is needed. The only disadvantage to halogen bulbs is that they are quite costly and if many bulbs go on you at once the bill to replace them can be quite hefty.

Incandescent bulbs are inexpensive and cast a warm yellow glow to the room. These bulbs are easy and affordable to replace and add a cozy comfortable feel to any room. Although they are inexpensive to replace they are not all that energy efficient.

Fluorescent lights have greatly improved over the years and can be used to light up areas where the aesthetics of the light are not important.  Ares such as underneath cabinets and mini strips in kitchens are good places to use fluorescents.

To make a room appear taller, use vertical beams from low hanging pendant lights. Accent lighting can also help create the illusion of space and set a special mood in a room. If you want a large room to feel cozier, consider setting up several table lamps to create smaller, low pools of light.

As you can see, lighting can really make all the difference to a room.  Different types of lighting can add different elements to create a beautiful and elegant look to your home.  If you are unsure of the right lighting to use speak with your local hardware store or other lighting expert and they will certainly lead you in the right direction.







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