Our House is not Selling!

Are you tossing and turning at night wondering what else you can do to get that SOLD sign on the front lawn?

Has your home been listed for awhile, had lots of traffic and still no offers?

There are three factors which determine the ‘sale-ability’ of your house: location, price and conditionObviously, the location cannot be changed so the only two variables are the price and condition…and they are directly dependent on each other.  While the old adage “price fixes everything” can be heard a lot, in today’s market most home sellers need to get as much for of their property as possible!  What options are available?  Statistics show that staged homes sell in about half the time needed to sell a comparable un staged home and, generally speaking, they will sell for the most money in the current market.

Home stagers are trained to prepare homes so that they appeal to the broadest possible range of buyers in the target market.  This greatly increases the probability that they will sell quickly and for top dollar.  Home staging does not have to cost a lot of money.  In fact, recent statistics show that the ROI for staging your home is about 300%.  And you can be sure that your investment to stage your home will be less than your first price reduction if you don’t stage.

The best time to have your home staged is BEFORE it goes on the market for three reasons:

  1. If your home has been made ‘market ready’, the listing price may be set higher, which means your selling price will be higher.
  2. You will have beautiful photos for the MLS listing or for your own ads….and since over 90% of buyers in Canada start their search for a new home on the internet, those photos are your ‘first impression’ photos. You only get one chance to make a WOW impression!
  3. You will take advantage of the momentum that happens when there is a new listing.  Some people like to try the market first without staging and if it doesn’t sell, then stage it.  However, the most interested people have already seen the house and unlikely to come back after it has been staged.

Prep This House is a fully insured licensed business serving Kelowna and the surrounding areas.  We will work within your budget and time line to help you achieve your goal.  We are competitive in pricing and committed to a job well done.  Call or e-mail today for an appointment or for more information and check out our portfolio of ‘before’ and ‘afters’.

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