Get the Most from Pendant Lighting

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A couple of weeks ago we posted an article on lighting.  However we decided to break out Pendant Lighting, as we get asked all the time about styles, proportions etc… Hopefully this will give you a better idea on how to get the most from your pendant light fixtures.

Watch your head:  If you want to hand the pendant light fairly low, consider what’s going on  in the area below.  Home with high ceilings should have ample clearing space for pendant lights with a long cable or chain, if your ceiling is standard height make sure that the cord is shorter in order to get the look you want.

Over the Table: Make sure your pendant light looks amazing over your dining table but working out the correct proportions. Ideally the shade should have the diameter no greater than half the width of the table

More than One: When hung in pairs or groups, pendant light can look stunning.  They work particularly well over dining tables, kitchen island units.  You can even hand the cable at different lengths to create a dramatic look.

Focal Point:  Choose the shade to add drama to a neutral room or to enhance your overall color scheme.  Remember you can easily change the shade for a new look!

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