Popular Lighting Selections In 2013

Lighting fixtures have an interesting purpose and position in the hierarchy of home design and interior decoration. Their primary use is to provide ample lighting for various tasks and activities within the home. But properly selected lighting can also become decorative, add to the look and feel of the house, and leave a lasting impression on guests. Today’s design schemes and plans have fully incorporated the lighting selections into the process, with the vast array of designs available to homeowners.

For home staging, lighting is also a key factor in your goal of standing out from the rest of the properties being sold in the market. If your lighting choices are able to create visual and mental impact in your potential home buyers, they will remember your home and likely come back and make an offer even after they see other properties for sale. Great lighting is also a reflection of proper maintenance and positive appreciation of the house as a whole.

Choosing the type of lighting to update or enhance your home interiors with depends largely on your overall design scheme or plan for home staging purposes. It can also serve as the focal point or finishing touch of an area or room of your house, or provide much-needed contrast or respite from the general look of a certain space.

This year, these are lighting trends making waves among the experts:

  • Sculptural lighting with abstract designs. These lighting fixtures feature abstract art designs and shapes, but without straying too much from their primary purpose of providing lighting functions. You will see a wide range of colors, accents, and shapes that can fit any part of the home. They are both decorative and effective, adding personality and charm where they are prep78utilized.
  • Rustic and modern lighting. Refined rustic lighting fixtures are a hybrid of casual, country-inspired rustic designs with contemporary, urban touch of sophistication. They hark back to more traditional lighting designs but also give a nod to simplistic, minimalist designs that have become the popular choice in recent years.
  • Crystal lighting. Crystal lighting fixtures (or any other home accessories, for that matter) have always been associated with luxury and expensive home décor. Today, there are plenty of glamorous and sophisticated crystal light fixtures and designs in a wide range of prices, so you will be able to find selections for any budget.
  • Layered lighting. Homeowners are gravitating towards cost-effective and functional solutions for multipurpose utilization of indoor space. For instance, kitchens are no longer just meal preparation areas, but are also utilized for dining, entertaining, and working. Layered lighting makes it easier for homeowners to select settings that are appropriate for activities being performed.

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