Reminders for Home Office Staging

Close to half of small businesses in Canada nowadays are being managed, part-time or full-time, from home offices. Shifting trends in work productivity and cost-effective business solutions are paving the way for more and more professionals to telecommute or work remotely from home, giving rise to the need for a comfortable, functional home office space. Even employees and entrepreneurs who have a daytime workplace are finding themselves taking a lot of work at home, and therefore also need a workspace at home that can allow them to complete tasks.

A home with a carefully-planned and thoughtfully-designed home office space becomes attractive and irresistible to potential buyers who have a specific need for an organized area in the home where they can work quietly.  As you prepare your home for the market and plan your home staging strategies with your Kelowna home staging specialist, you should pay close attention to the home office and staging it for selling success.

Here are some focus points in staging your home office area:

  • Remove personal stuff. Home staging aims to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home, so you want to make sure diplomas, and other personal mementos in your home office are stored away. Personal files, documents, and mail are especially sensitive material, and should definitely be removed from your home office during open house or showings.
  • Clean up and de-clutter. The desk and bookshelves in your home office can easily accumulate papers, wrappers, bills, and other things, so be sure to dispose of these. Any small repairs should be finished, such as handles or wobbly table legs.
  • Update furniture and fixtures. You can invest in newer home office furniture and take the new stuff with you when you move, or include the cost of the updates in the negotiations. Either way, the furnishings in your home office should complement the overall theme of the rest of your house. If space is limited, do not overdo with too much or oversized desks or chairs, but what you do have should be functional and aesthetic.
  • Highlight sought-after details. A lot of people decide to work from home because of the flexibility and comfort associated with it, so make sure your home office area is in line with this perspective. Comfortable seating is a plus; if your home office area has a window view, maximize that by placing the desk or work area as close as possible to the window. Let as much natural light in with the right window treatments.
  • Storage and floor space win major points. Arrange the office space so that people can move around comfortably and accomplish tasks without much difficulty… If working with a small space, avoid area rugs or floor pillows as these make the floor area seem smaller.

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