Return On Investment: Is Home Staging Worth The Cost?

The process of staging a house to sell creates a win-win situation for both the buyer and the owner of the property. Also, staging a house contributes a lot toward the sale of the home. The seller aims to make as much interest on the sale of the property from any potential buyer. The house also has to sell quickly and for the best price. However, a potential buyer wants a house they love, would be proud to call home and would feel good about buying. The staging process creates a common ground for both the seller and the buyer, thereby creating an ideal opportunity for both parties.

As any stager can attest, “a home that shows well, sells,”. This is why the first few weeks after the house has been put on the market are crucial! A new listing will always generate the most activity and generally see the most interests from potential buyers. For this reason, I always advocate staging the home first before promoting it on the market. The moment a potential buyer sees the house, that’s it, they’ve seen it! If they are not impressed with what they see, forget it, they won’t be back to have a second look. Alternatively, when a property shows well from the onset, it creates a sense of urgency within the buyer, and this gives the seller a commercial advantage over every competitor.

How Important is It to Stage your Home?

Selling a house is probably one of the most significant financial transactions a homeowner will ever be involved in. Ensuring that the home is adequately staged to make a positive first impression is strategic to grabbing and keeping a potential buyer’s attention to get an offer for the property. The worst thing that could happen to any property seller is for their home to stay long and idle on the market; it becomes a magnet for price drops and bargain hunters. Engaging the right home stager and making the decision to invest in the property to be sold not only cuts time wastage, but it also ensures a home will show its best, and it is one less issue for sellers to solve between wanting to sell a house and actually making a sale.

With my experience staging hundreds of homes, I cannot remember seeing a single house that didn’t see the benefits of home staging and reap the rewards. Most received offers come within days or weeks, but not months. A good number of homeowners frequently sell for more than the asking price when a bidding war erupts! And as for the clients who had to call me in as a last resort, their testimony has been, “We wished we had called you much sooner.”


Home staging gives every seller an advantage when their home is put on the market. Professional staging is a very minute investment to make considering the potential payback. It ranks well with finding an excellent Realtor and pricing the house right. It should always be the first thing anyone selling a home should consider.

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