Select the Right Artwork for a Space

A well placed piece of art can add the finishing touch to a space, or form the inspiration for the look and theme of a room. Artwork is an important part of staging your home and can really lift an otherwise bland wall or corner.

If you‘ve been in a book store lately, you can find all kinds of books loaded with the “do’s and dont’s” for the arrangement of artwork. However, one author’s do is often another’s don’t, so it’s not surprising that decorating with artwork can be a source of confusion.

There are many aspects to choosing artwork to compliment your room, but if you get the two basic considerations right, you should be on your way to creating a harmonious element that will enhance any room.

The first step in choosing artwork for any room is to make sure that the piece is in harmony with the mood and style of the room. A formal portrait in oil can look very out of place in a casual family room. Likewise, those posters that grace your teenager’s bedroom walls aren’t right for the living room.

The second basic consideration in choosing artwork for your room is the shape and size of the area in which the artwork will hang. If you draw a mental box around the wall space available for the piece, its shape will become immediately apparent to you.  As to size, be guided by the size of the wall space as well as the scale of the furnishings immediately surrounding it.

When staging your home for sale, choosing the right artwork for the right room can be the perfect way to put a great finishing touches on your space….whatever your budget.  With a bit of creativity and well-thought out decision making, you can turn your space from drab to fab!

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