Selling Your Home? How to Get a Price Reduction Quickly!!

Jean needed to sell her house quickly.

prep8She was being transferred, and the company wasn’t footing the bill. Instead, they offered her a higher salary. Now she had to sell quickly or risk paying two mortgages.

But Jean wasn’t sweating it. After all, her house was in a great neighborhood in one of the best parts of town. She hired a real estate agent, confident that once the “for sale” sign went up, the buyers would come knocking.

A couple of weeks went by, and there were zero offers. Jean had to move fairly soon and was getting nervous about those double mortgage payments….

Her real estate agent gives her a solution.. a PRICE REDUCTION. What did Jean do to get the offer of a price reduction so quickly….. Jean refused to make her house buyer-friendly, how did she do that?

Her Home didn’t Look Better Than Any Other House on Her Street

She was very emotionally “attached” to her possessions and took the idea of changing it personally.

Insisted Her Home Would Sell itself

Jean could not imagine her place looking any better than it already did.

She Didn’t Want to Spend Any Money on Updates

Jean thought that just putting up a sign was enough, she really didn’t believe that a coat of paint would make any difference

In the end Jean reduced the price of her home by $20,000 and received an offer, she took it because it was the only one she got.


S0 why do sellers think that a price reduction is their ONLY option and refuse to make their houses more attractive to buyers? In Jeans case her refusal to invest in sprucing up her home cost her time and money, not to mention some serious stress. Buyers today want to back up their moving truck, unload their stuff, and put their toothbrush in a cup by the sink.

If you want a Price Reduction to be the reason you sell your home, then follow everything that Jean did… if you don’t…. then we need to talk!

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