Our Services

Your home only gets one chance to make a great first impression on a potential buyer, so make sure your home stands out!

There is stiff competition in the real estate market.  So selling your home fast and for the most money is not something that just happens; you have to make it happen! It is about marketing a “lifestyle” — even a few small changes to the layout, color scheme, or the additions of attractive accessories and lighting can make a property a magnet for buyers. It isn’t always about making expensive changes.

We promise to help you maximize your homes advantages, turning lookers into buyers!

“Prep Your House For Selling” Consultation

This extremely popular service is the cornerstone and starting point for home owners who are motivated to sell their home. During our consultation we will provide you with low cost, high impact expert recommendations that are easy, affordable and profitable!

  Our In-Home Assessment will address:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Items to pack
  • Furniture placement
  • Paint color choices
  • Repairs or Improvements that will benefit the property
  • Fixture/Hardware replacement
  • Organizing
  • Tips on Showing your Property

Occupied Home Staging  

The Prep This House team will work with your own furnishings for up to 3 hours to showcase a home’s finest features! By creating the best traffic flow, emphasizing focal points, color and accessories we create spaces that buyers will emotionally connect with.

Most of the time we are able to use what is in the home and only suggest “extras” if we feel it would make a difference in adding that important finishing touch! Any suggested accessories will be an additional cost to the homeowner to rent, if they choose to do so.  Pricing will vary depending on what is rented, and includes rental and service fees

* This service is ONLY available to those clients that have already received a home staging consultation.

Vacant Home Staging:  Full Service

While each home is unique the average investment for staging a home generally starts at $2500 (which would include approximately 3 staged major rooms, plus bathrooms, hallways, and entrance). Vacant staging prices include furniture (sofas, tables, chairs, beds etc.) for chosen rooms, staging & de-staging labour, transportation / delivery, accessories, accent pillows, artwork, silk plants, lamps and carpets.

DIY Vacant Home Staging

We Design, We Deliver, You Stage  This is a”budget friendly” solution that allows the client to control the budget by providing the physical results while we plan and control the process, virtually.  No labour from us means more savings for you. 

Residential Interior Design Services 

Does you home need a face lift?  It  takes work to pull a home together, there are many details to address, from selecting the right finishes and fixtures to choosing the perfect furnishings.

Our services include any or all of the following:

  • Finish Selection Service
  • Re-Design
  • Interior Soft Finishes (Fabrics and Furniture)
  • Interior Hard Finishes (Lighting, Flooring, Paint)
  • Procurement
  • Installation

Vacation Rental Makeover  $299.00

This is the perfect solution for that aspiring Airbnb host who wants to update their rental quickly and start making money! This is a “shop for you” service that will include a list of actual decor, bedding, and furniture items for the hosts to purchase.   We’ll pull together layers of texture to give your listing a “designer look” that makes it easy for you to increase your nightly rate while making your space totally Instagram-able.

If you want to go one step further and have us organize, deliver, install etc we can do that too!  Our  Air BnB in-a-Box service gives you everything you need to set up your space at a designer level rather than DIY’ing it. (Contact us for a quote)