Should I leave spaces vacant When Selling My Home?

It is common knowledge in real estate that vacant houses take longer to sell and fetch less money for the sellers. Here are a few of our reasons why main spaces of a property should never be left vacant:

  • People don’t buy houses, they buy homes.
  • With no furniture, it’s hard to understand how large a room is when there’s nothing in it as a reference point. To make matters worse, rooms appear smaller when they’re empty.
  • People can’t visualize how furniture will fit in an empty space and if they’re unsure, they don’t buy.
  • When a room is empty prospective buyers focus on negative details instead of falling in love with the overall space. Instead of looking at the flow of one room to another, they get bogged down in questions like: Will those bumps in the carpet come out? How come the closet doesn’t have a hanging bar yet? Why doesn’t that molding fit perfectly? How come the light switch is in the middle of the wall?
  • When a house is empty prospective buyers can also get distracted from looking at the overall space. Instead of focusing on whether this is the home for them, they may be busy wondering: Has the home been on the market for so long that the owners moved anyway? Is there something wrong with the home that it is not selling? Is the home overpriced?  They also will assume if a property is vacant, the seller is desperate

Spending a little extra on a home stager who will ensure that your vacant property looks its very best…is guaranteed to speed up the selling process.

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