Should I Rent Furniture for the Home Staging Process?

In most metropolitan and suburban areas today, there are companies that provide furniture rental services for various purposes, such as events, parties, as well as for professional home staging. Many homeowners looking to sell their houses are opting for furniture rental instead of buying new pieces for various reasons. For instance, their current home and the staging required for it may not match with the new home they are moving in to, so the homeowners are hesitant to invest money in furniture they likely won’t have use for in the future.

Whether it is advisable to buy furniture or rent them for staging purposes really depends on the homeowners’ current situation and whether the home is vacant or occupied. In general, renting furniture is a very temporary option that allows Kelowna Home Stagingthe homeowners and staging professionals to use the pieces they need without worrying about additional storage once the items are no longer needed. For homes that are being downsized, this is a great and convenient option.

Renting furniture often allows for more flexibility in creative ideas as well. There is only so much that can be done as far as updating current furniture pieces and accessories; if a more specific look is the goal, rented furniture may be better option for you. Every room of your home may not require changing out pieces for rental furniture, but it is important that the key areas of your home are showcased well.

While renting furniture pieces may be less expensive than buying them, keep in mind that the majority of furniture rental companies often have minimum rental periods (three months seems to be the standard). If you opt for furniture rental, be aware of the terms put down by the company.

As an alternative to furniture rental, you may be able to borrow some furniture pieces from family members, neighbours or friends. A lot of people these days have furniture items that they no longer need and are just sitting in the basement, garage, or a storage unit. If you find furniture you can borrow that fits with the home staging ideas for your home, you will be able to save money and use the savings for other important expenses.

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