Should You Stage a Rental Property?

In a challenging rental market, property managers and landlords can’t afford a poor showing. Traditionally, Staging has been limited to the real estate and vacation rental market.  But today, more landlords are dressing up rental properties with basic furnishings to help convey that homey feel to potential tenants.

prep40Just as in staging for sale, creating that warm and inviting place to call home will give you an edge over your competition! Highlighting positive features of the rental property will go along way in helping you attract a tenant, getting you the best lease possible and renting the unit faster. It’s not rocket science; it’s marketing just like almost everything else!

Staging your rental property is well worth spending a little money upfront to fill it quickly. Why?

1. You set the precedent when you rent your property out.

2. You show renters you care about keeping your rental homes immaculate! The bonus… you’ll find that when you market a “staged” rental property, you’ll increase your pool of great potential renters and you’ll rent it much faster.

Psychology Behind Staging a Rental Property

  • Shows the renter how to use the space especially with an unusual floor plan
  • Proper sized furniture makes the rooms look larger even in units with small square footage
  • The addition of modern furnishings or a up to date paint colour can give a new lease on life to older units
  • Creates an atmosphere your tenant is drawn too and appeal to their emotions
  • Makes your unit stand out from other rental properties

If you can stage a rental for less than the cost of one month’s rent AND get a great tenant in there quickly – it certainly does start to make sense to stage your rentals. Remember, renters are looking for a home to live in, not an empty box.  The more you can convey a sense of home and show  how nice the unit looks furnished, the faster you may be able to rent your property.

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