Show off Your Homes Best Features

Sometimes you getting your property ready for sale you just can’t see a room past the color, the furniture or the clutter. But any room can be transformed from a boring, unfriendly space into a place, where everyone wants to be.

The solution is simple.. Move the sofa here, hang a mirror there, and add a splash of color. Voila! You have a new inviting room in the same house, without the additional expense of purchasing all new items.  Here are some items to consider when repositioning or reusing what you have to get the most from every room in your home.

Perhaps the room is off balance.

People will put a heavy piece of furniture along the same wall where another heavy element is located, such as a fireplace. Every wall does not need a piece of furniture against it and sometimes, bringing sofa and chairs closer together creates a warm, inviting place to sit.

Furniture without functionality.

The furniture should also be placed so it is functional. Have a focal point, whether it is art or a fireplace. People need to know what they are sitting there for.

Consider the room’s balance and the traffic flow. Don’t position your furnishings so the traffic flow forces you to walk into furniture.

Don’t be afraid of color.

If white and beige are your comfort colors, try using a light tan or a pale gray. It is important that when choosing paint colors, you take into consideration the room’s lighting.

The main thing is to prepare your home in such a fashion as to show off all the good points and none of the bad.   If you just can’t see through all your things to the core of your home, consider hiring a professional Home Stager. By bringing a Home Stager on board, you will get unbiased feedback about what does or does not work in your home, enabling you to highlight the best features of the home, which in turn will likely sell the home faster and possibly for a higher price.

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