Simple Ideas For A Kitchen Makeover

Potential home buyers put a lot of importance on the kitchen area and how the current design or layout of the kitchen will fit with their own meal preparation needs. Additionally, contemporary lifestyles often demand that the kitchen area be more than just a place for cooking or whipping up a hearty dinner. Many families now utilize the kitchen for family hobbies such as arts and crafts, or homework sessions with the kids.

Simple and cost-effective redesign techniques or ideas for your kitchen can go a long way in adding to the overall marketability of your home. A kitchen makeover need not cost you an arm and a leg, but keep in mind that any investments you make in this area will be worth the eventual positive results. Some focus points you may want to start with are:

Storage solutions – People want to make sure that the kitchen has enough drawers, cabinets, cupboards and countertops for storing their kitchen stuff. Make sure to highlight your kitchen’s built-in storage spaces, as well as any additional pot racks or counters that you have installed for extra room. During house showings, potential buyers are imagining their own cookware and utensils in your kitchen already, assessing where their stuff will eventually go. Keep in mind that too much clutter and appliances can make even the roomiest closet space look jampacked; don’t try to stuff too much in one space.


Let there be light! – Lighting is one aspect that is missing in many kitchens, and when people walk into your kitchen area and notice that it is dark, dreary, and unwelcoming, they immediately think of themselves hunched over the stove while cooking, or sitting at the kitchen island and squinting to see the vegetables they are slicing. Take advantage of as much natural lighting as you can, especially if your kitchen windows have a great view of the backyard or other landscapes outside. Open the windows, change to light curtains or blinds, or add strategically-positioned task lighting in important areas such as counters and sinks.

Create space – Many kitchens look small and cramped not because of the size, but because existing furniture such as chairs and tables are too big or too many, or also because there is too much clutter and unnecessary fixtures and appliances crowding the kitchen space. Leave as much open space as possible, and figure out what elements in the kitchen can be removed or repositioned in order to create more space. Lighting, multipurpose furniture, and compact appliances are just some of many space-saving ideas for a functional but roomier kitchen area.

Clean and green – Potential buyers will get easily distracted by the smallest traces of food waste on surfaces and countertops, so make sure to clean as you go and double-check the area before a showing. Be especially mindful of odors from cooking; use air-fresheners, or scented candles to match the theme of your kitchen. Also, with environmental responsibility being foremost in most people’s minds today, making your kitchen area more eco-friendly will show people that your home is also suitable for sustainability and conservation efforts.

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