Small Spaces Need Love, Too

Improving and decorating your space takes time and effort; and Prep This House appreciates that. Living in a narrow space is much more common nowadays. Common enough, that sometimes, homeowners need to turn that room into a multifunctional room to maximize their space! All that small spaces needs is a touch of modern and creative thinking to achieve a bigger and more convenient space to live in – and that’s where we’ll come in!


Here are some design ideas that will motivate you to enhance your narrow or small spaces:


Separate the Space

If you have a long space, work on dividing it into smaller defined areas. Remember, not to block the traffic flow when creating these spaces. If you do a lot of work from home, you can use a wall-mounted desk that folds up when you’re done with it. This way, you still have a designated area!

Create the Illusion of Space

To do this, you can put a wide mirror over a console or sofa to create the appearance of more space. The long console creates the illusion of a long hallway. Make sure the mirror reflects something pretty, though! 


Making the most of your vertical space

A smaller space is like a tunnel, the more you look at it, the narrower it becomes.  So, to fix this, you can try maximizing your vertical space in your living room. Place tall items on shelves or armoires.  Art can be more vertical than horizontal, so that your eye is drawn upwards. 


Small narrow spaces need specific decorating ideas to enlarge it. Proper choice of furniture arrangement is also helpful to make it more cozy and comfortable. These tips are helpful if applied appropriately and results only in an eye-grabbing and cozy space for everyone in the house to enjoy.



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