Some Home Staging Myths Debunked



It is likely that you have heard some common misconceptions or myths regarding professional home staging, whether from relatives, acquaintances or even realtors who think it’s not a necessary part of the home selling process.  If you think about it, staging has been around for decades. We just never had a name for it. Anytime we sell anything we make sure it’s in the best possible condition.

The home staging myths listed below, should be looked at closely and analyzed for what they are really saying. You stand to benefit much from home staging, and myths or misconceptions should not hold you back from achieving home selling success using this technique.

  • Home staging is too expensive. On the contrary, the average cost of home staging is about 1% of the value of your property. Home staging does not have to cost you an arm and a leg; any home staging specialist will tell you that staging is more about achieving a look rather than purchasing it.
  • You should try selling the house first, without staging. This is an experiment that often causes damage to your listing that is very difficult to undo. If you list the house in not-so-ideal condition, it will be remembered as that property, even if you go ahead and have it staged later. First impressions really last, so your home should be in its best condition prior to the first listing in the market.
  • Staging is just a recent fad. Some people will tell you that professional home staging is just the latest home selling ploy and it will eventually fade away. Staging is not just a principle in home selling; any items being sold are kept in optimum condition, with their best features emphasized and shown off.
  • Home staging is just the same as decorating. There are similarities in principles and techniques, but staging and decorating are fundamentally different from each other in their primary purpose: decorating a home is for the benefit of the homeowner, while staging is intended for the potential buyer. In decorating a house, the homeowner may want to show his or her own styles, preferences, and interests. But in home staging, the focus is on showing off the space and the nature of the property itself.

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