Staging A Relaxing Home

We live in a busy, fast-paced world with long work commutes, hectic schedules, and overlapping responsibilities. The average professional has to manage his time and energy between career, work responsibilities, family time, and many other household chores and errands. Many individuals are under a lot of stress and fatigue, and are looking for quick, convenient and affordable ways to release tension and stress from a hard day’s work.

In your home staging plans, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere within the walls and spaces of your house can prove to be a very enticing feature for your potential home buyers. Whether your home is being marketed to busy young professionals and entrepreneurs, or growing families with dual-employed parents, they will appreciate the relaxing ambiance and refreshing aura of your home interior, making it more marketable and quite possibly allowing you to command a higher price for the property as well.

Here are some techniques you can try for transforming your home into a refreshing oasis


  • A couple of furniture items in your bathroom will transform it. A strategically-positioned reading chair and coffee table in a corner of your bathroom transforms it from strictly bathroom to relaxing retreat. Add some potpourri, decorative towels, and a pillow, and it becomes a spa.
  • In the kitchen, group similar-colored silverware together. Even if you put away most of your kitchen stuff in closets and drawers, potential clients would still open them and look inside. For a more cohesive feel, organize similar colored items together: white plates in one cupboard, dark plates in the other.
  • Look for white flowing curtains that look like they came from a beachside hotel. You know exactly what these curtains look like: they are breezy but still evoke a sense of privacy, and the white gauze fabric gives a relaxing, peaceful feeling.
  • Casual furniture keeps everything toned down. Heavy-looking furniture items can make someone feel like the space is too formal or intimidating. For a more relaxing feel, go for furniture items that are comfy-chic and with not much complications or intricacies; furniture with clean lines are great for this goal. Complete the look with soft pillows (one or two is usually enough; too many pillows can be distracting) and neutral color slip covers.
  • Decorate with subdued flowers and plants. Bright-colored plants and flowers may be attractive, but in creating a relaxing space for home staging, use light-colored plants, or flowers in white, or light shades of blue, yellow, green, and pink. Scents should not be too overpowering as well; the scent of lavender is ideal for this as it is very mild and unobtrusive.

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