Staging For Urban Spaces

In many metropolitan areas, suburban subdivisions and developments attract much of the attention of home buyers, due to the respite they provide from the often crowded urban spaces. As more people moved to the suburbs, however, problems often became transient as well, with traffic congestion worsening and work commutes becoming a necessary evil for those who needed to get to their places of work in the city center.

Recently, with cities improving their livability and increasing opportunities for arts, entertainment, and other amenities, more and prep53more people are choosing to move back to the city. Recent economic realities have also made it impractical for home buyers to still buy the oversized McMansion in the suburbs which used to be the ideal. Rather, professionals, young couples, even growing families and retirees are seeing the advantages of living closer to their workplaces, as well as options for shopping, entertainment, sporting events, and other modern conveniences.

Generally, urban residential spaces, such as townhouses, apartments, condo units, or lofts tend to be more expensive than their counterparts in the suburbs. However, urban home buyers have shown more flexibility to paying more in order to cut the stress and time consuming complications of extended work commutes. After all, if a professional is able to cut fuel costs by simply walking to work or hopping on the train or bus for a quick commute, then the investment pays off after a while.

prep54If you are selling an urban home, then your home staging efforts should also be designed to appeal to the sensibilities and preferences of potential urban residents. In particular, urban home buyers are more likely to choose contemporary home designs and fixtures. The minimalist, functional and value-oriented nature of modern furniture design is much more suited to the limited spaces in urban lofts or condo units, so projecting a downsized, simplified living space would more attractive to your potential home buyers.

Showing a home that is a viable respite and place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city would increase your property’s marketability. While a potential buyer may be looking for a residence that is close to all that the city offers, the buyer would also want to minimize the often hectic realities of living in the city. Touches of comfort and relaxation such as a spa-inspired bathroom ambiance (complete with luxurious hand towels, modern showerheads, and fresh flowers), a comfortable reading corner, or an updated modern kitchen with a great view increase the value of the urban space.

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