Staging Your Home Using Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows have always been a great accessory to stage a home. Attractive throw pillows, with the right choice and placement, will remodel your chairs, couches, beds, rooms, including your outdoor spaces. Textures, patterns and coloured pillows add a dash of life and joy. And, more importantly – during home staging, they give audacious colour effects to guide the decisions of home buyers.

So, how do you stage your home using decorative pillows? Where should you place them:

On Your Couch

There is nothing like turning that bland, brown couch into the statement piece in your home.

Displaying odd pieces of pillows, such as 3 or 5 parts of them, shows a great presentation of style. A meek combination of solids and patterns will have a presentation of style. For instance, a double choice of colours, yellow and blue, placed on opposite sides creates a bold and eye-grabbing statement to look at. Then, for a remarkable background for these pillows, expert stagers highly recommend the choice of neutral colours for furnishings.

Professional stagers typically use the room’s art decors as the base for deciding what colours to use for the throw pillows. We try to ensure your cushions pull together the remaining colours of your area or room.


When you put multiple patterns to create a pillow throw grouping, always maintain identical colours with different pattern scales. Enhance the looks by adding a soft and vibrant blanket draping it on your sofa. This ties together a great home staging!










On Your Bed

When it comes to the bedroom, we all want to come home to a comfy and cozy haven after a long day’s work. Well, at least… I do. Allow your bed to beautify itself using these appealing and comfy pillows. Begin with the biggest ones with in the back, and as you move ahead, place smaller ones. Various textures, colours, and sizes will stimulate the buyer’s interest. For beddings, it’s always best to stick to neutral colours. Use light grey, white or off-white colours and then add colour punches and texture with your decorative pillows. You’ll thank us later! One of our favorite examples is this bed decor by Life On Cedar Lane.


Several bright throw cushions and pillows for your external furniture can make a small but mighty change. The arrangement will help home purchasers feel relaxed and comfortable because of your outdoor setup. Place a square pillow on each chair to make the most of your outdoor arrangement. Don’t feel hesitant to work on decorative throw pillows to leave long- lasting impressions to buyers. Revealing bright colours normally draws the buyer’s eyes. If you pick the right patterns and colours for a bunch of throw pillows, they will pull the remaining colours of your place. Bold pillow colours plus other sophisticated accessories are like adding bold jewelry to your all-black formal wear. The extra “wow factor”.

Keep in mind: the goal is for good buyers to fall in love with your home once they walk through the door. Therefore, your bed area, living room including your outdoor space must show off relaxing ambiance they can’t resist. With these ideas, your home staging is making a breed of peaceful space for your buyers.

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