Styling Tips For Your Foyer

The foyer is an important part of the average Canadian home, as it is primarily an entryway or room adjacent to the entrance or front door. It is the welcoming area, theprep95 first thing that greets people when they step into your house. Initially, the foyer was designed to be an airlock that kept the cold air from coming in to the warmer areas of the home, as well as storage for outer garments, shoes, or umbrellas.

In your home staging efforts, the foyer can play a very important role in creating a lasting first impression in the minds of your potential home buyers. If your foyer looks welcoming or inviting to clients, it sets a good mood as they tour your property. On the other hand, if your foyer is unappealing or cluttered, it makes clients have a negative expectation of the rest of your home for sale.

Start with a table or shelf

The foyer will look more functional and lived-in with a table or shelf where keys, mail, or other items can be left upon entering the home. To make the foyer come alive, you can use bright-colored tablecoth or fabrics to decorate the table. Personal items such as family photos are not recommended to be decorated when you are staging the home, so substitute other pieces of art or sculpture.

Keep the foyer well-lighted

The foyer should be bright and well-lit to evoke a cheerful, bright disposition for the prep96rest of the home. Keep as much natural light entering the foyer as possible; otherwise, artificial lighting such as lamps or sconces would suffice.

A mirror wouldn’t hurt

Mirrors create an illusion of space, and this is particularly helpful if your foyer has limited space and you can’t really do much when it comes to extending or adding to it. You can also position the mirror so it captures and reflects more natural light onto the foyer. In any case, people like to look at mirrors and see how they look, so this is also a functional part of the foyer.

Chairs are awesome

If you already have a table in your foyer, a chair (or chairs) would create a cozier feel, and make it look more relaxed as people enter. It also provides a functional area that helps people when they take off their shoes before entering the house.

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