Stylish Ways to Display Bathroom Towels

Bathrooms say quite a lot about the character of the home as well as the homeowner. In your home staging plans, the bathroom can add to the overall charm and personality of the property. Perhaps you and your professional home staging team have discussed various aspects of upgrading the bathroom space, including flooring, lighting, and other details, but what about your bathroom towels?

Here are some of our favourite stylish and creative ways to display your bathroom towels. Simple ideas that can go a long way in making your bathroom stand out in the mind of your potential home buyers. Towels don’t necessarily have to all be stowed away in your bathroom linen closet; after all, many bathrooms these days have limited storage options, so you have to cook up innovative solutions for your bathroom towels, such as the ones here:

Maximize unused spaces. You can use contemporary magazine racks or colourful baskets to fold or roll up towels and store them under the sink. Woven baskets of different shapes and sizes are also great towel storage spaces that you can display at almost any corner of the bathroom; they can keep the towels neatly out of view if you prefer, or you can keep the lid off and show off your towel folding skills. They are also very functional, keeping towels within reach.

Creative towel hooks and racks. If you have the space for it, an unused ladder that fits your prep101bathroom’s look can be a creative towel bar; it would provide three or four towel bars without taking up too much space, and it looks really unique as well. You can also look at towel hooks and racks that look like trees or plants, or if you want a simple, minimalist effect, a metallic towel rack would be great.

Towel storage ideas for hotel chic effect. A relatively cost-efficient update that adds storage and also makes your bathroom more sophisticated in style would be a towel rack and bar above the toilet area. If you have a bathtub, setting up a stool next to it and then displaying a rolled up towel on it would also add a nice touch.

prep102Put that old wine rack to use. Do you have an unused wine rack lying around the house? Use that for towel storage; it’s easy to keep towels perfectly rolled up in a wine rack, and you also save money instead of buying a new one. You can also experiment with different color coordination and combinations as far as the towels displayed.

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