Techniques For Hiding Those Eyesores In The Home

“Eyesores” are inevitable in a home. They are not always bad or unnecessary in the house; in fact, many things that we consider eyesores are necessary in order to keep life convenient and functional for the residents. They serve various purposes and daily tasks or routines would be less efficient if these spaces, items, or home accessories weren’t around. So instead of getting rid of the eyesores, how about using a bit of creativity to hide these eyesores in the home or blend them into the rest of the space?

Drawers for easy access storage and stashingprep3

You can make use of extra deep drawers and shelves to hide many things that are not the most visually appealing, such as laundry hampers. When you have guests come over, you wouldn’t want your dirty clothes to be laying out in the open when they use the bathroom (in many homes, hampers are in or near the bathroom), so keep them out of sight by putting them inside deep drawers.

Do you like to have easy access to your chargers for electronic devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablet computers? A shelf in the kitchen or other area of the house can serve as your charging station, and the unsightly cords and chargers stay out of view by simply closing the drawer. Holes can easily be drilled into the back or bottom part of the shelf or drawer (in fact, most are constructed with an opening in the back where cords and electrical outlets can easily fit).

prep4Clear, elegant bottle dispensers for your personal products

While you are probably more than happy to share your trusted beauty and hygiene secrets with your closest friends or relatives, you probably wouldn’t want everyone to see your dandruff shampoo, dry hair conditioner, exfoliating scrubs, and other personal products when guests use your bathroom. A simple solution for these eyesores in the home? Look for bottle dispensers where you can transfer your beauty products (at least the liquid ones). These dispensers look elegant and neutral enough to keep in the bathroom, and they can be discreetly labelled at the bottom (which you should not forget, as you do not want to accidentally use the wrong product for the wrong purpose).

Wires, cords and outlets are just visually jarring

If you are attempting a very peaceful, serene, nature-inspired ambiance in your home décor, the sudden appearance of the TV cord or wall outlet can send the viewer crashing back to reality. But you can keep these out of view by using electrical tape to keep them safely tucked under desks, carpets, or area rugs. Use rubber bands or tape to band them together; this also prevents people from tripping over them and causing accidents.

Another creative way to hide wires and cords is to decorate them with trimmings, or camouflaging them with the right wall art. Colorful wire clips can be used to liven up those cords or wires that you just can’t hide under tables or rugs. Another idea is to use a solid-colored drop cloth behind a desk or table to hide the mass of wires.

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