The Importance of the Children’s Room When Home Staging

One of the main priorities of a home stager should be the home environment of the children. Just as the master bedroom is relevant to the homeowner, the children’s rooms, where they spend a considerable chunk of their time learning, growing, studying and sleeping is also important. As a home stager, I make sure I set the “stage” for creating a friendly environment for the homebuyers’ children. Today, I’ll be providing a few tips on staging the children’s rooms to make it appealing to the kids moving into the home.

It is essential to keep their rooms livable and spacious

A challenging part of home staging is how to give an illusion of a top-quality space while still having the ability to live within the same space, especially in kid’s rooms! A factor to consider is the removal of excess toys, furniture, and clutter. Just like in other rooms in your home, every buyer wants to see a children’s room that has lots of space, a room that will be able to hold their children’s furniture, toys, and other belongings. Ensure key furniture such as the bed and the dresser are well-positioned. Create a comfortable play zone to make the room feel lively and fun but still giving an illusion of space.

Create a theme

Believe it or not, all parents love themed children’s rooms. From structured coloured themes to athletic sports and cartoon character themed bedrooms, consider these when staging your children’s room. Be careful not to make the room feel ‘one-sided’ (don’t stage to your preference alone) when decorating as this may turn off buyers. The appeal of a room that attracts buyers is always the goal when staging.

Natural light

A poorly lit child’s room always looks unappealing, uninviting, and may even send a message that says “children will not enjoy staying in this room.” Ensure to bring in lots of light with the usage of bright coloured window treatments, and ensure there is a source for natural light. A child’s room should be well aerated, have windows, the walls painted with wall paint that is brightening – such as yellow, pink, orange, or light greens and blues. Also, it is vital to consider the artificial lighting in the child’s room. Lamps, overhead lighting, and sconces beside the bed will help make the room look inviting when showing your home in the evening.

Be inspired

If you are not sure where to start when staging a child’s room, look to your cable television programmes, home furnishings magazines, blogs, and social media interior décor pages. A visit to any model homes in your area will show how home developers have interior designers decorate kid’s rooms. When in need of ideas for themes, these are a great resource.  There is no such thing as too much inspiration, right?

Staging children’s rooms should be a pleasant experience. We give homebuyers plenty of reason to put your home at the very top of their “make offer” list. Some home sellers do not pay much attention to the non-adult rooms; only concentrating on the master bedroom, the kitchen, and the foyer. Sure enough, these rooms are important, but it’s good to note that there is an emotional attachment to children’s rooms. The children’s space should be well attended to when staging a home. I think the best compliment is to have a homebuyer come through your home with children and to hear the children gleefully shout, “This is my room!”

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