The Power Of The Internet In Home Staging

Whether we are fully aware of it or not, much of the potential selling success of your home will hinge on its online presence and impact. Recent surveys among property buyers have indicated that a vast majority of them (upwards of 90%) used the Internet to search for possible listings that they would want to visit. If you think about it, this trend is not really that surprising. People today are so used to getting their information from Web sources, whether it is researching a certain subject in school, finding out reviews regarding a certain product they are thinking of purchasing, or even just getting recipes or home décor ideas.

As you sit down with your real estate broker and your home staging team, the impact of online presence and how it can add to the overall impact of your home for sale should be discussed and planned in line with your home staging and marketing efforts. Your online listing must be an excellent representation of your actual property, and complement the marketing plan and the staging design you are trying to achieve.

The following are some techniques for firming up your property’s online presence and making it jump out and grab your potential client’s attention:

Top quality photographyUnless you are a professional photographer yourself, or you are extremely confident of your photography skills, it would be best to leave this part to the experts. Professional photography combines aesthetic elements and visual techniques to produce the best possible captured images of your house for sale. Make sure you get your Realtor and Home Stager’s opinions regarding which photos should be selected for posting.

Lighting is keyDark photos look bad, but they look extra worse when viewed on a desktop screen or a mobile device. Your home’s online photos will be one of the biggest factors for your clients to judge if your property is one they would like to visit in person or not, so the competition really starts here. Photos should be well-lit and translate well in various screens.

Focal point is a mustA focal point becomes the center of interest in a room or area being photographed, and “anchors” the theme or ambiance, making it easier for the viewer to see what is being emphasized. The right color and drama embedded in a focal point creates impact that the viewers will remember.

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