Top Tips To Decorate Bookshelves

Bookshelves are usually found in various corners and areas all over the home. If you are planning home staging efforts for your house, and arranging furniture and other fixtures to create the desired look or ambiance, then you definitely should not forget to prep your shelves and bookcases as well for maximum visual impact.

Shelves and bookcases are actually quite versatile pieces of furniture because you can
repurpose them for various uses, such as for décor, accent, or multifunction use. They can be easily repainted if you want a different color that fits more with the area, or for some shelves you can even get more creative by using fabrics or covers with different designs and prints.

Here are some ways you can make your bookcases and shelves look fabulous and eye-catching:

  • Empty picture frames can be used for geometric patterns. We know that one of home staging’s cardinal rules is to keep the home depersonalized, so instead of hanging your family’s photos on the walls, use just the picture frames to decorate the shelves creatively. Utilize photo frames in different sizes and shapes for striking designs.
  • Repaint as needed. If the paint is already peeling in some parts of the bookcase, give it a fresh coat of paint for an instant transformation. Many designers recommend painting the inside of the bookcase a few shades darker than the overall room color so the bookcase stands out.
  • Make the shelf or bookcase functional. Who says only books or mementosprep90 can be displayed on shelves and bookcases? You can use them as a wine bar or serving station,or display one of the lower shelves as an impromptu work area with a computer and foldable desk.
  • Experiment with symmetry. Too much order, matching, or symmetrycan be boring and hinder your goal of creating visual impact for potential clients. Instead of shelves that line up perfectly, how about mixing them up a little bit? Also, veer away from too much color matching by putting contrasting elements. Create variety in the shelf height and width as well so not everything looks the same.
  • For contemporary home décor, minimize shelves and bookcases. If your home staging is designed to create a contemporary, minimalist look, keep the shelves and bookcases sparsely decorated or occupied. A couple of books, some accessories, and a lamp will do; too much will counter the modern look you want to achieve.

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