Using Books as Decor

Using Books as Decor

Books are one of the most versatile things to style in a home! Most of us have more books lying around our home than we can count. Picking out the right colors for a painting to hang on the wall can be overwhelming, but styling your books definitely isn’t. In fact, it’s quite fun! So, if you are tired of the book clutter, here are some tips that can tame the mess and turn it into charm and character to your rooms, just by using books as accessories.

  • Add a stack of books to a tabletop, kitchen counter or fireplace hearth. Use larger books for best results. Add little fillers such as tea-light candles or warm coloured florals. This gives off a warm and safe ambiance.


  • Instead of filling up your bookshelves until there is no longer any room left, leave space between stacks of books.  Stack them vertically and horizontally. Then, place objects like plants, florals, ceramics or collectibles throughout the bookcase.
  • Find old books in garage sales and glue them together in a stack to make legs for a side table.  Place a piece of round glass on top. This is a unique way to show off your books, and an artsy table!
  • Display an open book on a table, bed, or even your kitchen island. Perhaps to your favourite passage.

Books are a wonderful addition to our home and displaying them lovingly is a wonderful example to our children. It sparks their curiosity, and also those meaningful conversations after they have read the same book that you once did. What a beautiful way to create memories!


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